Who Are We?

With decades of real-estate investment experience to work from, we are Jenco Investments. We are based out of Vancouver, BC and are focused on investing in growing markets. We are dedicated to operating well structured and well manicured investments and are intent on developing relationships that will last generations.


Who we are is as important as why we are here so let’s start there:

We are here to create a unique passive investment experience that enables you to do what you do best. Whether you’re a doctor, an engineer, a geologist, or a taxi driver, we understand that everyone has a unique skill-set and we want to continually enable you to exceed both your professional and lifestyle goals while increasing wealth passively.

We create true hands-off investment opportunities in Real-Estate markets through partnership offering generous returns. We do this by locating and securing properties in growing markets, establishing partnerships with key support personelle such as management, maintenance, inspection agencies and finally by forming client-partner relationships with investors like you. We require absolutely no hands-on activities on your part making this a unique opportunity. That means no worrying about paying utility or tax bills, no worrying about tenants or marketing your property, just a cheque each month for your share of the revenue!

We are a Real-Estate Investment Company based out of Vancouver, BC.

We've been investing into Real-Estate for well over a decade and in that time, have navigated our way through the acquisition and resale of dozens of properties, worked with management companies across the country, self-managed properties, hired and managed countless maintenance crews, navigated our way through legal and bylaw compliance issues and worked with dozens of law firms and most importantly, we've "run the numbers"on hundreds upon hundreds of properties. We've seen the right way to manage a Real-Estate portfolio, and we've seen the many mistakes that are often made. We employ our best-practices every single day to avoid what—to us—are obvious mistakes.


The Process.

Our due diligence process is what separates us from the rest. We have multiple levels of checks-and-balances in place to ensure each investment is run as optimally as possible. If 9 out of 10 of our systems say it's a great fit for an investment, but one does not, we will fold on that opportunity. Due to our detailed approach in our Property Evaluation step, we are often able to detect hidden long-term issues that may negatively impact both the operation of the property in the short-term and the resale-ability of the property in the long-term. Our focus is on positive-future-potential (PVP) properties and here's how we find them:

In every market we enter, we meet with key political figures including Mayor's, Economic Development teams, as well as the District Management staff. This is all after doing extensive market research, market comparisons, and closely following both general and investment news feeds for that particular market zone. A final component to our Market Evaluation phase is to determine if long-term growth potential is strong enough in addition to cashflow calculations to determine the feasibility of carrying the investment over the short-term.

Our property evaluation process involves extensive review from a financial, cosmetic, rental, and a structural perspective. Also of considerable importance is our collaboration workflow with teams we have developed on the ground in each market zone. This includes carefully selected Realtors, Home Inspectors, Appraisers, Insurers, as well as the Management and Maintenance teams.

One of the most important components to any investment is the people that run it for you. This is why we're here, and this is why we put extensive time and resources into evaluating multiple Management companies, Realtors, Insurers, Home Inspectors, and many more for each market we enter. In most cases, we will invest well over 100 hours evaluating and interviewing the options available to each market zone. In addition, we spare no expense having these teams review each property from their professional perspective prior to closing. This includes everything from rental projections to in-depth home inspections that go above and beyond to meet our stringent requirements.


The End Result.

Our pursuit of the right market, the right properties, and the right people is what we believe is the key to success. The value  is a hands-off approach to investing with hands-on returns. If you'd like to get involved, get in touch with us by filling out a contact form here. We're very responsive and will be in touch with you shortly!

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